Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best Monsters of 2011

Okay, it's a little self-indulgent, and kind of like when your favorite sit-com cheats you out of a new episode by making one that's a big, cheesy compliation of old episodes, but I couldn't resist putting together a list of my favorite posts from 2011. I'm also including some photos, because you guys seem to like those.

Favorite travel posts: Unplugged; Ten Things I Learned in Haiti

Mural,Dublin, Ireland

Favorite post about spending money: The Grocery Envelope

Favorite post about getting rid of monsters in the closets: Gretchen Rubin and the Ten Minute Tidy Up

Best work-related post: Arguing with Crazy People

Cedar Key, Florida

The post where I patted myself on the back: Accomplishment

Best (only?) exercise-related post: Running like a Penguin

The little prince
Most popular post that I almost didn't publish: Thoughts on Church

Most popular photos: A Very Clutterella Halloween

My favorite post that almost no one read: Doing Things that Make Me Nervous

High Springs, Florida

Best cooking post: My New Favorite Cookbook

My favorite "best of" post on someone else's blog: The Amateur Gourmet- 2011 Highlights

Impromptu pasta dish
So long for this year, KISS (keep it simple stupid), lets make 2012 the best year ever! You know, since the world will be ending in December and all...

Gratuitous cute kid/kitty photo


  1. I read through Google Reader - are you able to track those views as well?

  2. Amber, blogspot should be tracking all of my pageviews, but I sometimes wonder how accurate it is. Either way, thanks for reading :-D


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