Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Be

You may have noticed a short hiatus in blog posts. I had actaully been thinking for the past few months that I had Leukemia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or something like that. Turned out the problem was too much allergy medicine, which goes to show that Occam guy probably knew what he was talking about.

Another reason that I have been absent for so long is that I am trying this new thing where I have fewer goals. I think I blogged about the same thing last August, but I was not really successful. I set a few big goals, but I was still trying to volunteer, cook healthy meals, keep the house clean, read lots of books about simplicity, get ready for graduate school, write a blog, etc. It was exhausting. Simplicity fail!

So I decided to put the graduate school thing on hold- I am just not ready to go yet. I have also relaxed a little about the cooking and cleaning. I am still making some travel plans, working on prepping for the CEN (certified emergency nurse) exam, and doing some volunteering. I make it to the gym now and then, and I would like to loose a few pounds (nursing spread), but I'm not getting too worked up about it.

I feel somewhat like a slacker, but I also feel pretty liberated by my less goal-oriented lifestyle. Its great to just be and do, rather than staying so focused on what comes next. Also naps rule!

Somewhere on ZenHabits, Leo Babauta wrote a similar post (sorry, I can't find it now). He said you should stop setting goals because they just put your focus on what you haven't accomplished.  I remember finding it pretty ironic that all of the books I read  about simplifying gave lots of little assignments. Also there are enough books about minimalism and decluttering to fill your house from top to bottom. I bet the measure of a true minimalist is that he does not own any books about simplicity.

So don't overthink it, just KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)- and give yourself a break already!

PS: Random ADD moment: I think of this post from The Oatmeal every time I use the word ironic now.  Hope it makes you chuckle too!

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