Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Gifter

Is it just me, or are you totally seduced by those TJ Maxx gifter ads?

I long to be the woman who finds a thoughtful gift for every single person I know. Seriously, who doesn't want to show up at a party and tuck a little present into someone's pocket, or send one over on a tray of champange (sidebar: have you ever been to a party at someone's house that involved trays of champange? Me neither)? Imagine being smart, savvy, AND stylish, all at the same time! Most days I'm happy to come home without food spilled on me. Or something worse on work days.

I can't help but wonder how that scenario would play out in real life. Like probably the lady who's smiling across the room about the present that just arrived is thinking, "Shoot, now I have to buy her something." The fact is, when we buy things for people we sometimes just make them feel obligated to buy something for us.

Also, if you have a whole room in your house devoted to wrapping, and you have a special gift wrapping sweater, is it even remotely possible that you're staying in a reasonable budget for gifts?

I love giving and receiving presents. I don't even a little bit advocate the idea of avoiding gift giving altogether. I'm just calling for some reason here: decide where your limits are and stick to them. I recently read an article on Get Rich Slowly called "Lowering Expectations for Christmas." The writer said that she stopped buying gifts for adult siblings and their spouses because, "we were basically just trading gift cards around. It was totally unnecessary, and I was relieved when it finally came to an end."

When you're watching those commercials, don't forget that the folks at TJ Maxx are trying to get you to come into their store and buy more stuff. While you're in there shopping for others, maybe you'll find a little gift for yourself as well. After all, you can't be a the Gifter without the perfect beige pumps and a red satin dress for that hypothetical party with the champange.

So long for now, KISS (keep it simple stupid), and don't try to be like that skinny woman on TV with the great wardrobe. That's just a good life philosophy in general.

PS: As for what happened in Connecticut, I don't have any words. The Onion said it best:,30743/ (contains a lot of adult language, which is the only kind that really applies in this situation).

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