Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Costume Recap

Halloween only comes once a year, so please indulge me for one more post, and then we can move on to something else! I was feeling a little self-centered posting a bunch of photos of myself the other day, so I thought I would give you a recap of some of my favorite costumes from this year:

Susie, Kirsten, Carissa, and Beth: The World 'O Hurt Roller Derby Girls with Ref Steve. Susie gets extra credit for owning this photo.

Richie uses Halloween as an excuse to wear a dress and rock some high heels. He usually has enormous breasts, but this year they didn't fit into the costume. He has a lion, scarecrow straw in his hair, and some oil for the Tin Man.

I am very sad to admit that this Snooki might be better than mine. Also she has Pauly D as an accessory

That dude was wearing blue body paint and a loincloth. A+ for commitment. I intended to get a full shot of him but he started talking about my porcelain features and I got a little distracted.

Our host Michael as The Joker and Louis as Batman

Zoe and Aaron as Holmes and Watson. I love the couples costumes! I hope they don't mind that I stole this off of Facebook.

Shu-Ping as Karl Lagerfield. Also stolen from Facebook

This one gets the award for best family costume: Scott wanted to be He-Man, so Sarah played along and dressed as the Sorceress of the Castle Greyscull

Thanks for sticking around! So long for now, KISS (keep it simple stupid), and get ready because Christmas season is starting today!

PS: If I "borrowed" your image from Facebook and you want me to take it down, let me know.

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