Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sometimes More is More

I firmly believe in all things in moderation. Including moderation. In my opinion, the best time to be moderate on your moderation is Christmas. I love nothing more than a tree packed with ornaments, too many lights on the front porch, and indulging in an extra treat here and there. There is a reason that this time of year is called THE HOLIDAYS! All of those other holidays come and go so quickly, but this is a whole season of joy. Why not load your iPod with Christmas music and play it too loud?  Who says its silly to let your kitten treat the Christmas tree like his personal cat toy? Eat a little cookie dough and brownie batter, I won't say a word! Christmas comes once a year, and its over before you know it. 

So you can KISS (keep it simple stupid) for the rest of the year, but you have my permission to go a little crazy for the Holidays! 

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