Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Favorite Things

I have been talking a lot lately about the stuff I don't love. As an alternative, today's post is about the stuff I do love and am glad to own. The original purpose of this decluttering project was to have in my house only the things I really love, and to have a place for them. So, as a reminder of my mission, here are some of my favorite possessions:

Beaded flip flops

Any true Florida girl knows the importance of  "dressy flip flops" as a wardrobe staple.  I like to think these epitomize my sense of style: casual and comfortable, but with a little chic in the mix. I wore these all summer and now I'm sad that it's the time of year to put them in the back of the closet.

Raleigh Cruiser bike

I bought this bike just over a year ago, and it was my first bicycle since childhood. It is my primary transportation to and from work.  I used to drive to the gym, pedal a stationary bike for 20-30 miles and then drive home. Now I bike around town (more so now that its getting cooler) and I love being able to combine exercise and transportation. Also I feel a small sense of superiority when I bike to work. Filling the gas tank once a month (or less) ain't too bad either!


When I first bought my condo, I purchased the blue glasses from Pier One. I felt like I was playing house, serving my friends wine and cocktails in real stemware instead of plastic cups with bank logos on them. A few years later, my mother bought me the (clear) Mikasa glasses as a Christmas gift. I really believe that any beverage tastes a little better in a beautiful glass.
I was reminded when I took this picture that I love to entertain, and have not been doing it enough recently. If you wineglasses are dusty, you are overdue for a party!

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things. I think that the possessions I love most are the ones that define me and what I love to do. Now it's your turn- what are some of your favorite things, and what makes them so special?

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  1. So, I've been too busy to think about my favorite things, but I'm taking a packing break so I'll answer now :)

    1. My Bridal set. After all the drama with the original, I love what it looks like now. It fits my personality and I love that it is one of a kind.

    2. My iPhone. I knew I wanted one for awhile and OMG, I love it.

    3. Since fall is coming soon (hopefully), I'll mention my super cool knee high black boots. They are perfect with a dress and tights, or under jeans.

    On another note, we did find a house! It's in Brandon and I put some pictures on facebook.


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